How it works?

How to use it?



Music is natural for children. Studies show that every person is born with some music skills; they just have to be properly developed. 



The Musicon design was developed by Kamil Laszuk as a graduation thesis in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.

Musicon is a creative mash up of its creator’s two passions:  design and music. The design was based on research about the impact of music on children‘s psychophysical development.



Since then the project was continued in cooperation with
a interdisciplinary team of education and music specialists. Finally, in 2016, after 18 months of intense  prototyping  was created
a functional ready for serial production prototype. 


Let’s start!

Musicon has been tested with hundreds of children, and they all fell in love with it!


What is Musicon?

It is a creative interactive musical instrument, designed to promote psychophysical and cognitive development in children ages 2 and up. And it works like barrel organs.

Interaction with Musicon begins with the push of a button, followed by another and another. Musicon inspires and fascinates with its movement of various mechanical parts that produce sounds. 

Playing with Musicon engages children in activities directly linked to the development of social, motor and computational skills, and inspires them to be imaginative and spontanous. 

One or many

Musicon has an auditory, tactile and cognitive effect that makes it
unlike any other musical instrument. Musicon works for individual children
and groups where each child contributes to the music making process.

Team work

Team working is a missing point in educational system. Musicon promotes all kinds of group cooperation, which enhances development of soft skills.

Fun and much more

Musicon brings all the most valuable features from methods used in music education. It follows Montessori’s idea of teaching.


All before your eyes

Musicon is a micro lab for math, physics and mechanics. The learning process is highly effective because of periodical and repeatable nature of Musicon.

Analogue coding

Musicon has hundreds of buttons, which function as a simple coding language that can be touched. It is analogue introduction to digital world.


Manual skills

Musicon promotes development of fine motor skills acquisition relying on the natural desire to push buttons. This is the same mechanism that draws people to popping bubble wrap!

Make no boundres

Musicon is accessible and fun for all children regardless of their skills and abilities. It encourages cooperation between children regardless of age or aptitude differences. 



They work like a ballpoint pen, and the colors help see if a button is activated or not, even from a distance.


All instruments are held by a magnetic system set on an acoustic frame. It is easy to rearrange instruments, even while Musicon is playing.


The Lever

The tempo of a composition is easily controlled by shifting the lever. The tempo ranges from 36 to 144 bpm.


The instrument keys can be struck independently of the revolving barrel while the coded tune is playing, or detached and played separately like a small piano. This allows for improvisation while Musicon is playing.


Double Safe Systems

Musicon is completely safe for children ages 2 and up. It contains a special clutch, which cuts off power whenever the drum experiences excessive resistance, such as if a child’s hand gets inbetween the drum and the acoustic frame.

Handles & The Tempo Indicator

The ergonomic handles help in transportation by one or two people.
A little screen shows the tempo. 


Brakes & Wheels

Musicon is easy to park. The brakes have a child-proof design, so that they may be put on or off by adults only.

Musicon has four multidirectional wheels, which make transportation easy.


Musicon is also fitted with a  controller, step motor and an optical sensor, which ensure the consistency of any composition or tune. As a result, an orchestra of Musicons will always play in sync.


Analog Sound Quality

Musicon is an individual instrument that sounds like a complete band!

It contains three instruments, each held magnetically on an acoustic frame.  The holding
system is easy and enables addition of other instruments, including brases, strings, and shakers.

The possibilities are endless and the set will grow with new extensions.


The Mill

A rotating rainstick not only teaches music, but also mechanics. Because all mechanisms are visible, a child can see how the set works.


The Drum

It can play the most complicated rhythms out of the set, and has two sound possibilities: soft and strong.



Their sound frequency was determined on the bases of research into the development of children’s ears.

It makes 8 sounds that can be made to play any pop hit in the world.


& safety

The size, soft edges, and pressure necessary to push buttons have been carefully designed with ergonomics in mind. Made in adherence with the principles of universal design, Musicon works for children ages two and up.


Wood was the obvious choice as material because of its warmth, softness and aseptic properties, as well as its traditional use as material for toys and instruments. Wood also ages well and with it collects history and even a soul. 


& precission

Sound precision, harmony, and tempo result from the  highest precision of tools used to build Musicon. It is fusion of traditional material and new high technology of production. 


Natural and neutral colors dominate in the Musicon design, while bright colors
were used to emphasize contrast and specific functionality of elements, such as
the lever, buttons or handles. 



Musicon has been displayed around the world, from Singapore to New York, and from Berlin to Lima, and received many globally recognized design awards.