Revolution in music education


Music lesson 1940



Traditional system of music education was established in XIX century – it's time for changes.

It’s focused on practicing instruments, reading notes and playing compositions with some room for expression. With Musicon we can expand this process to creativity and composing at the very beginning. This is great way to introduct into the music universe. With Musicon children are always succeed and encouraged into a creative development.


Power of music

The Musicon design was developed by Kamil Laszuk ( as a graduation thesis at the Academy of Art and Design. It’s development was based on research into the impact that music has on children‘s psychophysical development.  

While Kamil was visiting a kindergarten with his double bass he met a 2.5 year old deaf girl. To listen to his music Jagoda came closer and hugged the instrument. She was listening to the music with her whole body!

Since that moment Kamil knew that he was on the right path! He decided to find a way to use the power of music in children's education.


Music roots

Musicon has family musical roots – Ida, Kamil & Filip are siblings. All of them are musicians but they work in various fields, using the skills that music has taught them.


Big hearted

Kamil’s parents sold their home to make possible creating Musicon.  

The bonds and support in the Laszuk family have always been very strong. When Kamil’s design was recognized all over the world his parents decided to help make his design come true. They sold the homeand became the very first investors.


Karma ;)

Without the help of many people this project wouldn’t get so far. Many people has invested time and their know-how into the Musicon idea to help make it real.
(E.g. Pilch Factory – in the picture bellow)



It was a long journey from the idea to the real product:



Since then the project was continued in cooperation with a interdisciplinary team of education and music specialists. Finally, in 2016, after 18 months of intense  prototyping  was created a functional ready for serial production prototype. 


Let’s start!

Musicon has been tested with hundreds of children, and they all fell in love with it!



Musicon has been displayed around the world, from Singapore to New York, and from Berlin to Lima, and received many globally recognized design awards.


Kickstarter success!

Thanks to your support, we can start producing Musicons and according to plan first units are going to be delivered on November. there is only limited number of Musicons. For those who missed our campaign we've prepared preorder.   



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