Revolution in music education


Music lesson 1940



Traditional music education system was established in XIX century – it's time for changes.

It’s focused on practicing instruments reading notes and playing compositions with some room for expression. With Musicon we can expand this process to creativity and composing at the very beginig. This is great way to introduction into the music universe. With Musicon children always succeed and is encouraged to creativity development.


Power of music

The Musicon design was developed by Kamil Laszuk ( as
a graduation thesis Academy of  Art and Design, and is based on research of musical impact on children‘s psychophysical development.

Kamil has visited dozens of kindergartens with his double bass. In the very first one he met 2,5 years old girl – Jagoda. She was almost completely deaf but as soon as Kamil has started playing she stood up, came closer and hugged the double bass. She was listening music with her whole body.

Since that moment Kamil knew that he was on the right path! He decided to find a way to use the power of music in children's education.


Big hearted

Since Musicon won all the major design awards in the world it was obviouse it has to be push into production. To colect money for production financing Kamil’s parentssold their family house. That way they became first founders of Musicon.

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Give as good as you get



To start production of Musicons we’re launching on March 1st our Kickstarter campaign. While asking for help, we’re planing to give help as well. For every $100 000 collected we will donete one Musicon to the Ronald McDonald House Charities all over the world.


Szczęście do dobrych ludzi

Do well by doing good pays back. Without the help of many people this project wouldn’t get that far. For example Roman Pilch and his workers has contribiuted their preciouse time, know-how as well as their highly specialized factory. 


Music roots

Kamil and his siblings have had music education. Although only Filip became professional musician music payed big contibution in their lifes. This is another good example why we need to pay more attention to our children education regarding influence of music.



The Musicon design was developed by Kamil Laszuk as a graduation thesis in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.

Musicon is a creative mash up of its creator’s two passions:  design and music. The design was based on research about the impact of music on children‘s psychophysical development.



Since then the project was continued in cooperation with
a interdisciplinary team of education and music specialists. Finally, in 2016, after 18 months of intense  prototyping  was created
a functional ready for serial production prototype. 


Let’s start!

Musicon has been tested with hundreds of children, and they all fell in love with it!



Musicon has been displayed around the world, from Singapore to New York, and from Berlin to Lima, and received many globally recognized design awards.