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Your own revolution in education. 

Musicon has succeed on Kickstarter (link to the campaign) and now it is preparing for a production.
The first batch is limited. If you want to have your own Musicon this year, be quick :)  

All offers are pre-orders. Estimated delivery of Musicons: Nov. 2017

Musicon ONE
3,299.00 4,200.00

Get a very unique Musicon for this special pre-order price. You get a Musicon with 3 instruments, M-notebook to write down your music and “The Musicon” lesson book with some great ideas.

Have fun, be creative and compose! 

Musicon PRO
3,899.00 4,900.00

You get a very unique, battery powered Musicon with even more possibilities – with a digital tempo indicator and with an EXTRA surprise instrument. You also get M-notebook to write down your music and “The Musicon” lesson book with scenarios.

Start composing today! 

Other instruments


"Musicon" is an idea of supporting creative education. It is a whole ecosystem fueled with music and fun. 

High quality acoustic music is crucial for children's development. Choose instrument for your kid, make the most of his talents!


Guiro and shaker in one, compact and handy form. Express yourself with a wide range of dynamics that are great for both home and preschool.




Rich sound, exceptional build quality with easy to handle form. Perfect tool to begin to explore music universe!

The Band – The Puppets


“The Musicons” is a band that accompanies Musicon.

They were created as another way of interacting with children. Children love the puppets and will interact with them very easily.