Our story




Kamil meets a deaf girl

When the musician played, the girl wanted to listen to his music so much that she came closer and hugged the double bass. Although she could not hear the sounds, her need to experience the music was so strong that the girl absorbed that using her whole body. The musician kept playing and he knew that he was on the right way to do something important.

This meeting becomes the beginning of Musicon and our entire story.



Master's degree at the Academy
of Fine Arts

After one year of work, Kamil finishes the Musicon’s project. He slowly begins to understand that his work has the potential to revolutionize early childhood education around the world.




A year full of prizes

Musicon is considered a breakthrough educational device and is awarded many times. We win: Red Dot Award (Singapore), Core 77 (New York), Polish Children Design Award (Warsaw), and a nomination for Index: Design to Improve Life Award (Copenhagen).




Family business

The parents of Kamil and Ida strongly believe in Musicon - they sell their house and invest in further development of the enterprise.


Meeting in Ustroń

We meet Pilch from Ustroń - a producer of high quality toys who understands our vision and wants to help us with the production. We get huge technological facilities and production know-how





The first Musicon is created

We accelerate fast. We set up a company, we employ engineers. We design Musicon anew, so that it can be produced on a larger scale. Our vision becomes a reality with every passing day.






3,5K of children

After 18 months of prototyping, hundreds of sleepless nights, we are ready to face the biggest challenge - children in action. Over 3500 children intensively test Musicon for 9 months. When observing them, we see that something good can be born of it.

The premiere at National Audiovisual Institute

One of the most important events for us takes place - exactly on June 2, the premiere of Musicon takes place in National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw. We are on a wave!


We are moving into the world

Poland is not enough for us, we are starting to conquer the world. We successfully raised funds during the Kickstarter Campaign.

We receive first orders - not only from Poland, but from 4 continents!


Another success

Musicon is becoming more and more famous - new awards and nominations come to us: IF Design, Index, Reimagine Education.

Kamil goes to the Hall of Fame, twice: to Forbes before 30 and on 8th place of 50 Creative in Business according to Brief.


Journey through Poland

Musicon’s road trip together with Duckie Deck - we visit Poznań, Kraków, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Warsaw.



The first 30 items!

The first production batch goes to recipients all over the world.

We do not rest on our laurels - when the last Musicons leave our factory, we are getting ready for improvements and we are preparing production of the next batch.


Museums in the world

Musicon goes to museums - to National Museums in Warsaw, Wrocław and Krakow.

And also abroad, to Speelklok Museum in the Netherlands and Scitech Museum in Australia.


Cieszyn – Dubai – London

More awards and prizes: we are a finalist of GESS Education in Dubai, we get a special prize at the Cieszyn Castle, which pleases us particularly - Musicon was created here. We get to the finals of the largest educational contest in the world - Bett Award 2019 in London.


Family business

Over 40 people are already working on Musicon's success!

team 7 www-03.jpg

Methodology and workshops

And perhaps the most important - in cooperation with the Academy of Music in Łódź, we start to create scenarios and materials for teachers using Musicon in their classes. We conduct trainings for all Musicon learners. Now, using Musicon in every facility becomes even easier and more effective!



What’s next?

We implement further ideas that we have in our heads - we design more modules, not only musical, but also connected to physics, mechanics or to conduct gymnastics classes or perform theater plays.

We produce more Musicons and create new products from the M family, we develop a base of scenarios.




Musicons go to every school and every kindergarten in the world. From an early age we support the development of creativity and imagination and key competences of each child in the world. This goal is our mission and every day we try to approach it as closely as possible